Official trailer - "The Labyrinth of Fear"

Full Movie - "The Labyrinth of Fear"

"The shortest distance between two worlds is not always a straight line"

The short film is currently participating in different festivals.


Gimena, a pathologically shy young woman moves to the city. This generates her anxiety and nervousness, causing her a disturbing and violent  behaviour. Frightened, she tries to control herself, but she is abducted to the depths of her being.


Directed By: Giuseppe Giacri

Written By: Pablo Pérez García

Director assistant: Laura Dutra - Director of photopraphy: Yovanna Sánchez - Camera: Raúl Pierri - Florencia Márquez - Focus puller: Pablo Pérez García - Second director assistant: Antonella Alba - Connan Madrid  - Art: Catherine Aristimuño - María Inés Corbelle - VFX: Isis Aisha - (Brasil) - Paulo Olivera - Fabrizio Arcardini - Costume designer: Catherine Aristimuño - Laura Dutra - Sound director: Nicolás García Ipez - Main music: Individrum - Music composition: Martín D'Alessandro - Javier Casado Sudupe - (Madrid, España) - Still photo: Karina Culela -  Make Up & FX: Catherine Aristimuño - María Inés Corbelle - Sound and final mix: La Batuta Productora de Audio - Hairstyling: Catherine Aristimuño - Lorena Díaz - Edition: Yovanna Sánchez - Giuseppe Giacri - Music and Effects Trailer: Martín D'Alessandro - Graphic design: Natalia Ferreira - Post-producción and author credit sequence: Giuseppe Giacri


With actors

Marcia Loureiro - Virginia Farías - Johana Giribaldi - Magdalena Rodríguez

Florencia Carrizo - Ana Laura Cabral - María Belén Danza


Voice - over

Florencia Carrizo - Ana Laura Cabral - Virginia Farías - Laura Dutra


Special thanks

Rodrigo Caballero - Gisela de Virgilio - Marina Giacri
Gonzalo Rovere - Valeria Kraft - Patricia Cean - Albana Barrocas - Virginia Sosa
Individrum - La Batuta Productora de audio