Foto: Jorge Peña

She is an Uruguayan drummer, composer and multi-instrumentalist. From her beginnings, in 1992, to the present, she experienced different stages and musical styles, playing in bands such as Distorsión alternativa, Metalmorfosis, Kirlian, S.H.O.C.K., In-Sector, Aqueronte, Núcleo Urbano, Fallen Symphony, Gus Cazard, Black Mamba, Elefante. 


Her personal project, INDIVIDRUM, has five edited CDs and two nominations for the Graffiti Awards of Uruguay. Her work includes drums, percussion, processed voices and electronic hardware, going from jungle, drum'n'bass, breakbeat towards an electronic atmosphere without borders.


Since 2013, she has played in various formats both in Uruguay and Argentina, where for several consecutive years, she performed many shows in both countries.

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