From Italian-Uruguayan origin, since a very young age he shows interest in photography; But it is at the age of 20 that his true interest in cinema begins, after seeing the acclaimed film A Clockwork Orange by Stanley Kubrick, his link with this world extends even more when the opportunity to travel to the United States arises, in the year 2000.


Perhaps this is one of the most important moments for him because  he was able to collaborate and participate in university film projects at the University of Brenau, Gainesville, Florida,  the starting point to begin his path in the direction of the Seventh Art. In 2003 he entered the film school (ECU) in the city of Montevideo. In 2004 he made, produced and edited several short films.


In 2007, he worked as freelance in post-production, camera and lighting for the production company Atenea Producción Audiovisual. In November 2008, he decides to expand his film directing skills and manages to have his own production company called Traveling-Pro.

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