Producer and actress, she studied Audiovisual Communication at the Information and Communication Facult (UdelaR in Montevideo, Uruguay. Since she was little, she began to study theater, then her passion for acting motivated her to dedicate herself more deeply into circus arts, performing and expressive languages. In 2011 she enrolled in the National Youth Institute to take a dramatic arts workshop with teacher Marcela Martínez. In 2013 she continued her studies at the Diana Bresque Comprehensive Acting School.


Her interest for learing takes her to attend a theater workshop with the well known Uruguayan actor Roberto Suárez (2017). That same year she attends Meisner technique workshops with the spaniard actor Iñaki Moreno.


She worked as a producer for the documentaryfilm Ramha-Entre Fe & Ideología (2016-2018). In 2018 she joined Ds Producciones, working in production tasks for various theatrical works, among them Perfectos Desconcidos. At the same time, she produced the theather play La Venganza Bastarda with dramaturgy and direction by Ana Pañella.

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