She was born in the city of Rivera, Uruguay. At the age of 20, she moved to the city of Montevideo to begin her studies at the Communication and Information Faculty, (University of the Republic). Soon after, she decides to start drama classes at the Circular Theater, where she studied four years. In 2009 she moved to Brazil and settled in the city of Rio de Janeiro, where she continued her theater studies, at the O Tablado Theater, one of the main references in improvisation and dramaturgy courses in that country. It is there where she begins to take her first steps as an actress. Soon she enrolls in Rede Globo de Televisión and Rede Record (Rio de Janeiro). The experience of working in these two TV stations opens her a new path to audiovisual production and direction.


Back in her country, she has the opportunity to produce a journalistic and entertainment Tv show called Por qué te vas (2011), which shows the life of Uruguayan emigrants around the world. The program's pilot ends on May 25, 2012.

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