Visual artist, editor and documentarian.


Born in 1978 in Montevideo, Uruguay. She has a degree in Communication from the University of the Republic (UdelaR). She studied Directing Assistance at the Uruguayan Film School (ECU). She attended several workshops at the Fine Arts Faculty of (UdelaR).


In 2013, she participated as focus-puller for the camera crew in the short film Por Ella, a love and zombies story in a post-apocalyptic world. It premiered in 2016 at the Museum of Visual Arts in Montevideo. To date, this film has been awarded in several categories, having international repercussion in different media and film festivals.


In 2014, she directed and edited the short film Sin Diagnosis, a fiction film about a woman who fights against mental illness. In 2018, she takes her first steps in the documentary world, as a tool to represent reality, where Los Negros de Ojo was born, a film that deals with the life of an Afro-trans artist, who seeks to make his way into the world of electronic music mixing it with candombe, fighting against discrimination and racism.

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